parkour exerciseParkour exercise is a new way to do exercise and keep fit but as seen in the videos it can be very dangerous. One wrong step or one wrong jump can lead to a serious injury. But according to the experts in this field it is not just about the physical aspect but also being able unite your mind and body to execute parkour movements swiftly and safely.

As you can see there are no protective gears used in this activity. You need to be focused with each movement that you take and never second guess yourself. Having doubts leads to mistakes and you do not want to commit mistakes in this kind of activity.

When watching experts or practitioners of parkour exercise, they move so swiftly and they are like flying in the air with invisible wings. This is what makes parkour exercise so exciting and intense at the same time.

Before performing any parkour exercise one must do proper warm up, perform calisthenics and practice how to roll and land. Essentially, for parkour practitioners anywhere is a playground.

We can see that parkour movements have been integrated into action movies which makes the activity more attractive. Mostly teenagers are into this kind of activities and more and more women are already getting involved with this exercise.

Parkour exercise is a very adventurous way to get fit and not only that you get to look great doing it. There are talks that MTV will be hosting a show called "Ultimate Parkour Challenge". The title itself explains what the show is all about. The show feature the best 8 parkour athletes and will be performing different parkour moves.

Parkour moves essentially features running, flips and spins and other gymnastic movements. The goal is to get to point A to point B doing as fast and as efficiently as you can.

Befire practicing this kind of sport, one must practice and take things slowly and safely. Do not get to excited in doing the moves outdoors. There are gyms where one can practice the right moves for this sport. Parkour athletes and experts still suggest that beginners should be physically fit, make safety their top concern and never execute a move that has not been practiced.