bosu balance trainerOne of the most exciting exercise equipments today is the BOSU balance trainer. You can use this equipment for several activities such as strength, endurance, stability and balance. This equipment is like a balance ball that is cut in half with a flat bottom.

Here are the different physical activities that you can do with BOSU Balance Trainer:

Cardio:Use this for performing step-ups, hops, leaps, jumps, lunges and many others. It can also be used for choreographed workouts.

Strength training:Use this when performing deadlifts, squats, and push-ups. It can even serves as a weight bench that can add balance challenge to the traditional weight exercise.

Flexibility:While performing traditional stretches, you can kneel or stand on the dome to add more range of motion.

Sports Conditioning :P erform sports drill with it such as plyometric moves or jumping that can increase agility and performance.

Core training:Perform lower back and abdominal exercise with it that targets the core muscles.

The BOSU balance trainer helps you improve your balance because this equipment is not stable and works out your lower muscles to maintain balance. You should also be aware how you position yourself in this equipment so you won't fall down every time you move. When you use this equipment, your muscles are forced to contract that will keep your joints in the right position.